Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Heroics & Hysterics

Hockey is a game of heroics, and hysterics. No team serves them up better than the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Right when we thought it was safe to order Stamkos sweaters, the Leafs started to pull wins out of their asses. Last night's game was no ordinary victory.

The Leafs coming back from behind, coming back from 3-nothing, coming back from a 2 period long coma, coming back on Sundin's spine once again, was a message from the players themselves.

The message was clear: we love our teammates, our fans, our pride.

Mats Sundin and Pavel Kubina, considered selfish, stupid bastards a few weeks ago for not waiving their No Trade Clauses were the reason the Leafs won this game.

Sundin, as usual, spoke first – the sound of a slap shot landing behind Biron was sweet music to Leafs fans. Kubina hit another note with his goal, one that rang with hope. Jeremy Williams, goal-a-game Williams struck an even chord. Kubina's overtime heroics were the booming bass that sent Tank Nation into hysterics.

Too little, too late? For the playoffs, most likely. For pride? It's never too late to play for pride.

It's never too late to play for the fans. Kubina handed his stick to a fan after the game; he'd left his heart on the ice.

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