Monday, March 31, 2008

Amateur Lip Service

Amateur athletics in Canada gets very little recognition, and seemingly less funding. In an Olympic year like 2008, that is inexcusable.

I've come up with a scheme to help combat the financial crunch faced by amateurs.

The GST recently dropped to 5%. Instead of pooling all that money into one giant money bag at Revenue Canada, I propose some of that go to amateur sport.

Allocating 1% of the GST levied on pro sporting tickets to Canada's amateur athletes and organisations would be a god send. I'm not advocating huge salaries, but enough to live on, and above all - infrastructure.

There are so few facilities to go around. Some of that GST revenue would go a long way to help repair and expand older buildings. It could also help break ground on new arenas, tracks, and courts.

This is a win, win situation. Ordinary citizens don't have to pay extra and businesses don't lsoe any cash.

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