Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congrats Detroit Red Wings

"No undeserving team has ever won The Stanley Cup" - me

As a Leafs fan the worst thing about the Red Wings is not being able to dislike them. From the ownership to the scouts to the players to the octopus remover the organisation is top notch. Congratulations Detroit. I can only keep dreaming of the day the Leafs once again win the Stanley Cup. By then I'll likely be so old and senile I won't know if it's real or yet another Leafs TV repeat broadcast.

The 2008 Stanley Cup Final didn't find me cheering for either team; I cheered for Game 7. I didn't want any old game 7; I wanted an octuple epic. Game 5 had me hoping for more overtime. I was sad when it ended.

Tonight I felt the annual tinge of post Cup sadness. There are other sports, and my current studies in sports broadcasting have made me appreciate and understand them more than I did in the past. I actually went to a baseball game and enjoyed it, but hockey is my first, and you never forget your first.

The Stanley Cup presentation means the season is over, and while I'm happy for the winners, there's always a spoonful of sorrow until October.