Thursday, November 29, 2007

If You Love Hockey Stories, Cast Your Vote!

An acquaintance of mine and wonderful spinner of hockey yarns, Kevin Shea has entered the story 'JACK & THE BOX" in GM Canada's hockey story contest.

In his words: "The story was difficult to tell in '150 words' or less, but suffice it to say that it is a book I would love to write and have published one day."

Mr. Shea has penned hockey books, taught hockey history in college, and is involved with both the Hockey Museum in Bowmanville, ON and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Please read the story, vote for it, and please ask others to visit this link, read and vote for 'JACK & THE BOX':

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A New Hockey blog Begins

To my fellow hockey fans from HLOG, my apologies for having this take forever. I'm a woman with many interests and have a blog for most of them - finally got around to a hockey only blog.

Those of you who know me from, or HFboards might see some cross posts. If you've read it elsewhere, pretend it's the hockey bloggers strike rerun issue and wait for something new. Being a die hard, life long Leafs fan, I will have plenty to write about.

On occasion I will discuss non NHL, most likely what I see and feel at my child's hockey games. I'm a hockey history buff and member of so when I'm in a retro mood you'll find posts about hockey's colourful past.

I look forward to comments and hope that even greater than what we feel for our teams, is our mutual passion for hockey.