Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dear GTHL - Give the Kids a March Break

I can understand holding rep tournaments during March Break, but give the house leaguers a break, a full March break. My son's team was down 2 players for each of their break games, but others fared worse. One Mississauga Hockey League(MHL)team had to play a game with only 7 kids. They were beyond exhausted.

Spare me the spiel about knowing the schedule months in advance; we don't know. The schedules were done week to week, two weeks if we were lucky. Some teams play this weekend, Easter Weekend. To further complicate things, the playoffs fell during March Break, and during playoffs teams have to play within 18 hours notice.

18 hours to fly home from Florida? 18 hours to re-arrange your work hours, school schedule? Some parents are in school and have our own exams to write that week, thank you very fucking much.

You find out in September when March Break will be. Adjust the schedule accordingly so kids, coaches, and parents can a week together without leaving little buggers exhausted.

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