Friday, April 3, 2009

More Proof Hockey Rules My Life

My son's hockey team will experience their first tournament this weekend. Parents, kids, and coaches are excited, especially since it's a chance to face some rival teams from our league.

One of the players, our captain, moved last weekend. His mother has been so busy working nights, unpacking, and doing "mum stuff" that - gasp - she hasn't checked her email for a week. I laughed because I've gone longer without brushing my teeth than without reading my email.

This however, was no time for chuckles. She asked what the schedule was so I filled her in - season end breakfast at 9AM, then game 1 at 1PM, game 2 at 5PM.

She: "Game 2? Both games on Saturday? Oh no, then we can't do it. Saturday's my only free day."

Now it was my turn to panic.

Me: "He has to be there! He's our top scorer!"
She: "I can't give up the whole day!"

Apologies to Blackadder fans, I have a cunning plan.

Me: "If you can get him to the breakfast, he can stay with us for the weekend."
She: "Really?"
Me: "You have to ask? Consider it done."
She: "Well, your boy will come out here one weekend."

Whew. Another minor hockey crisis averted.

This defies logic. In between spending two full days at the rink, I have to cover another tournament and still find time to write four articles by Monday. There's also the matter of tracking down a few people to get quotes.

Why am I bringing another person into my home to look after in the middle of all this?

Why not? Hockey players, teammates, know all about looking after each other.

In hockey, friendships don't end when the arena doors close behind us.

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