Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Let the Ladies Dance Alone

It's been a long time coming, boys. The Hockey Hall of Fame recently amended decades old bylaws to allow female inductees, up to a maximum of two per year, starting with the class of 2010.

Women have been playing the game for over a century but sometimes the old boys club takes a while to make up for lost time.

One of the ideas being bandied about is to have separate induction ceremonies for men and women. Let's check that idea into the boards until the glass pops out.

This is a team sport, and even though men and women, for the most part, play in their own leagues, they are part of the same hockey family. Induction is one of those times when relatives sit at the same table, crammed in, elbow to Gordie Howe elbow.

Let's face it. Having a separate ceremony for women would be like taking a date to the prom and ditching her. If you bring the girl to the dance, she deserves a spin on the floor with all eyes on her.

The reality is that there are more eyes focused on men's hockey. Women have waited far too long for their invitations to the inaugural ball.

Don't let them dance alone in 2010.

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