Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now Appearing in the Swimsuit Issue - Miss Remember

If I were to blog about Roger Clemens and the he said/he said steroid scandal running amok in the halls of Congress, it would be a short post indeed. Along the lines of...some players got juiced, they lied, they were caught, get on with life.

However, my assignment is to write one. I must find a way to turn my indifference into an emotional, response generating rant.

Sports and politics aside, what really got to me during the Clemens congressional hearings was the most unmanly thing I've seen an athlete do in a long time. Clemens ditched the blame over to HIS WIFE. Maybe some guys didn't pick up on it, but she had the spousal stare of death in her eyes. I would too if my husband blamed me for the biggest foul of his career.

Roger Clemens attempted to deflect the steroid/H-G-H debacle from himself to his wife. Mr. Clemens claims Mrs. Clemens(maybe not for long!)took them to boost her physique for a swimsuit spread. Note to Roger - that's Miss November not misremember!

How Debbie Clemens can play along with this charade is beyond me. If my spouse stood before a hearing and brought my name into it without merit, I'd have to say something. I would have to defend myself not to Congress but to the media, the public, and above all, myself.

I could not sit silently while my husband has the chance to clear his name(whether he's successful or not)by slinging mud on mine. If it were true, that I took them and to my knowledge my hubby never did, I'd say it. I'd say it because I matter, because my spouse matters.

People are forgiving. We love to see celebrities rise, fall, and rise again because it makes us feel better. If Mr. and Ms. Multi-Millionaire can fuck things up, admit it, and move on, we love that stuff. It rememinds us that money isn't all it takes.

A pair of balls big enough to tell the truth is worth more than money. Hopefully someone in the Clemens household figures that out.