Friday, February 29, 2008

Leafs vs. Panthers. 27.02.08

The Toronto Maple Leafs are frequent flyers in their annual flight to finish 9th in the East! They have won 5 of their last 6 games, 6 points out of a playoff spot.

Some in Leafs Nation have been drinking the kool-aid, eating the 'shrooms and think the Leafs are now playoff contenders. Seriously - no drug can be THAT powerful.

The Buds nipped away at the Panthers' heels Wednesday night, taking 2 points. Jeremy Williams scored the first Leafs goal. Williams now holds the record for a quirky stat: he is the only NHLer to have scored a goal a game in an NHL games in 3 separate years.

It was yet again, Mats Sundin donning his Captain Clutch Helmet to steal the game. Sundin's second of the game, with barely a minute remaining in regulation, tied the game. Tomas Kaberle was the lone scorer in the shootout, sealing the deal for the Leafs.

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