Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Star Game Catch Up Mode

Dear Mssrs. Ovechkin, Malkin, and Kovalchuk,

Please accept my apologies for missing the scintillating details regarding the Russian peacemaking ritual. I am happy for the future of Russian hockey that Mr. Kovalchuk was able to get Messrs. Malkin & Ovechkin in buddy-buddy mode in time for the 2010 Olympics. Until then, please refrain from throwing objects at agents in Russian night clubs.

I missed the opening ceremonies of the All Star game in Montreal and will now play catch up. Back in a few.

7:13PM - No one puts on a show quite like Club de Hockey Canadien. The trapeze lady was a nod to Las Vegas mainstay and Montreal founded Cirque du Soleil. Any other city it would bug me, but Montreal? C'est la vie mes amies.

7:31PM - Enough with interviewing coaches on the bench! Is nothing sacred anymore? The job of a coach is to coach during games, not provide sound bites. Hint: If I'm watching the All Star Game it is because I want to see the actual game and hear the play by play, not miss Sheldon Souray's goal to make it 6-3.

7:35PM - Sweet play on that Dan Boyle goal. Get away from that bench interviewer!

7:41PM - uh-oh Brian Burke said "ass" on live TV. Caught a glimpse of Sidney Crosby in the press box, which gave me an idea on how to get players more involved with this event. Instead of fans selecting players and stuffing the cyber ballot box, let the players and coaches make the decision.

7:44 - beauty of a goal by Rick Nash - saw him score a similar one during a fundraiser for Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie last August

7:45 - Holy Hejduk! A goal was scored while no one was being interviewed or nattering over the play.

7:48 - another missed goal in favour of inane chatter - tied at 7

7:50PM - standing ovation for Dickie Moore - Montreal's hockey history and the honour the organisation gives former players is tops

7:53PM - the East takes an 8-7 lead courtesy of an Alexei Kovalev breakaway...which was missed because...wait for it...bench side interview

7:55PM - looks like the Russian peace making ritual is contagious - that was a passing clinic by Malkin and Kovalev

7:56PM - I'll never tire of hearing the puck ring off the post

7:57PM - another sign of Habs class with the brief tribute to Pat Burns

7:58 - uh-oh player interview - I smell a goal coming up

8:01 - told ya' so! but de Jarome Iginla - 8-8 tie

8:02 - nice saves by the goalies on both ends

8:06 - Ms. M has to make dinner

8:08 - dressing room inteview with shirtless Joe Thornton

8:08 - Ms. M's idea to generate fan interest in All-Star Game: Shirts vs. Skins - players rotate states of jersey-less-ness

8:25 - Doan cry for me Eastern Conference - Shane Doan buries the biscuit 9-8 West

8:26 - that goalie mike sounds like Luongo is scuba diving

8:28 - short-lived lead - more solid set-up work from Savard on that one by Dany Heatley

8:28 - yep, another missed goal - stupid interviews!

8:42 - the score is a bajillion to a bajillion one

8:42 - Luongo stacks the pads to rob the East

8:46 - BUT! from the stick of local lad Martin St. Louis - all tied at 10

8:52 - just as I was nodding off, Jay Bouwmeester bulged the twine - 11-11

8:53 - high scoring games are over-rated

9:00 - YAWN - overtime. Is there anything less meaningful than OT in an All-Star game?

9:01 - yes, calling the only penalty of the game in said OT

9:03 - good solo effort by Carter

9:04 - media aren't supposed to cheer but I confess to hoping someone, anyone, from either team would score to avoid a shootout. Team sports should be decided by team play not a practice drill.

9:05 - Ms. M is a little less cynical at the thought of Ovechkin, Malkin, and Lecavalier getting goofy in the shootout

9:08 - Luongo denies home grown Lecavalier

9:08 - Doan denied

9:09 - Kovalev continues writing the hometown script

9:10 - nada for Nash

9:10 - Ovechkin for the win

Ms. M is off for a bit to do non-hockey things like laundry and putting hew spawn to bed. Back later.

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