Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First "Hate" Mail

Other broadcasters warned me that it happens and I finally got to experience it first hand. I was a female sports scribe who made a mistake. I couldn't make it on air where it disappears, oh no, I had to go whole hog and make mine in print where it glared on the monitor. Thankfully, readers pointed it out to me, most in a polite and civil fashion. In case you were curious, yes, I do know that Jack Johnson played 74 games for the Los Angeles Kings last season. Yes, I know he is not in the minors. Yes, I know I had Dustin Brown on the second line. Yes, I did a poor job editing my work and accept full responsibility for the oversight.

A couple of readers seemed to think that the error was due to my estrogen levels. It was due to my being human; male or female we all screw up on occasion. Some readers thought that "women like you" are bad for "girls who desperately try to prove they know a man's game." One gave me the impression that I had no writing ability whatsoever and I "shouldn't even bother if that's the best you can do."

Guess what? It isn't the best I can do, but even with my estrogen levels I still have the balls to put my work out there and deal with the feedback. I will make mistakes and hopefully what I learn from them makes me better.

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