Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Victory for My Guy

If all you're interested in reading about is pro hockey, ignore this post.

This afternoon I was treated to another solid effort by my son's hockey team, resulting in a 8-4 win. He even managed an assist or two, but that's not what mattered the most to me. My victory was seeing a kid who was a wobbly skater until late last winter play with confidence. For the first time, he has started to stray from his stay at home D position into the attacking zone. He will hang out near the opposition net.

Granted, he is often the last one to get back into his zone but for now, seeing the extra faith he has in his ability is wonderful to watch. I have no delusions about this kid making the pros. Next winter he might decide to take up curling, or to drop everything for some other activity. But this winter, ah this winter, I see the person I love the most play the sport I love the most, and you bet your arse I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest.

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